We are a Thailand based design studio established in 2002 by a couple architects, Sitt Therakomen and Preechaya Therakomen.

After Having practiced as architects in Thailand for several years, Sitt and Preechaya went abroad to persue further educational goals. Sitt recieved a Master degree of Architecture with a certificate in Urban Design, whilst Preechaya graduated a Master degree of Architecture emphasizing on design computing research. Both were from the University of Washington, Seattle.
Agaligo Studio’s works include architectural design, urban design, master planning as well as interior design of small to medium scale projects.
The word “agaligo” in Pali means restricted to no particular time or another word, “timeless”.

"Architecture is phenomenon. "
Architecture of Agaligo Studio emerges from the relationship between the life and the place. It is not just about forms, shapes, materials, structures, or spaces, but it is a combination of the place and the activities within and around it altogether. Our primary goal is to create a phenomenon with architecture as a part of it. To achieve this, other than functional requirements, studies of local landscape, culture, climate, and uniqueness of the locale are seriously included in the design process. Therefore, the resulting architecture should be lively, meaningful, and responding to the environment, which therefore creates a sense of place.

Some of the projects that have been widely publicized are:

Hotel des Artists Ping Silhouette which received Chiangmai Design Awards in Architectural Design category in 2015.

X2 River Kwai which was published on the archdaily website on Aug 11, 2014, and published in the book THAI MODERN - ISBN: 978-616-7800-31-8.

MK CK5 Production Office which was published on the archdaily website on Jul 18, 2014, and published in the book THAI MODERN - ISBN: 978-616-7800-31-8.

Let’s Sea Hua Hin Al Fresco Resort which received Thailand Boutique Award in Architecture category in 2010 and was published in the book Cool Hotels Best of Asia - ISBN: 978-3-8327-9238-1.

Hotel des Artists which received Thailand Boutique Awards in Renovation and Modification Hotel category in 2010, and in Basic Design Mountain / Forest Hotel category in 2014.

Tricubes House which was published in Home & Garden magazine vol. 414 Febuary 2011 - ISSN: 0125-1996

Koh Samui Low Carbon Model Town planning project in 2012

Contact: admin@agaligo.com